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Moon Girl Devil Dinosaur Issue 17 Cover Color Sample X-Men

Here is my flat color work on the cover to Moon Girl Devil Dinosaur Issue 17 featuring the X-Men. Art by Amy Reeder.

Calliope’s Daily Deal Wolverine Enemy of The State Vol. 2


Just in time to celebrate the movie release of X-Men Origins Wolverine, we offer this opportunity to see Wolverine at his best. Brainwashed by Hydra, Wolverine has been cutting a swath through the heroes of the Marvel Universe. This hardcover collects the exciting conclusion to the Enemy of the State storyline. Normally this book retails for $21.99, but today you can own a copy for only $9.99 (Price includes shipping within the United States). Limited quantities available, so act now.

Calliope’s Daily Deal Wolverine Masterpiece Edition


wlv    Calliope’s Daily Deal Today gets you ready for the Wolverine Movie Next Month. (The actual version, not the pirated early cut). Featuring some of the best Wolverine stories of his history. Featuring the writing of Chris Claremont, Peter David and the artwork of Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane and John Byrne. This 270 page Hardcover usually retails for $29.99, today in our Daily Deal you can get it for only $9.99 with free shipping within the United States and Puerto Rico. Act now as only a few copies are available at this price.



 SOLD OUT!   Look For Another Deal On Thursday April 9th.

Calliope’s Quick Fire Reviews Marvel Edition

Amazing Spider-Man #588

am588  Another not so great issue of the book, with really rushed looking artwork by the normally solid JR JR. This was the big pay off for all the plotlines since BND and it really fell flat. The only interesting part was the last page with Norman Osborne meeting Menace and welcoming her to the family. This book needs another reboot. 1 out of 5 Spider-Villains.



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Calliope’s Quick Fire Reviews Marvel Edition

Indie reviews late Sunday or Monday if possible.

Amazing Spider-Man #580

amsp580  Spider-Man battles the Blank, in a done in one fairly uneventful story. The art by Lee Weeks is a big improvement for the book. 3 out of 5 Spider-Villains.



Astonishing X-Men Ghost  Boxes #2 (of 2 )

asx  2 more alternate reality stories, including a Cyclops suicide story. Still not worth the $3.99 for only 16 pages of story, but more interesting than the first part. 2 out of 5 X-Men.


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$200,000 For A Lightsaber, Guess The Economy is Better.


Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber sold at auction yesterday for $200,000. Add in the buyer’s premium of 20 % and it comes out to $240,000. It was one of a number of movie and television items that were auctioned off by the Profiles in History Auction House. I have some other notable sales below as well as a part 2 to of more items coming out in a little bit.

Wolverine’s Black Leather Outfit from X-Men

wolv  This only went for $75,000.

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