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Calliope’s Quick Fire Reviews Early Edition

There may be some more later if there is time this weekend:

Amazing Spider-Man #577

amsp577  Just a horribly ugly issue artwork wise. For a major book in the Marvel U to look like this is a shame.

Zero out of 5 Spider-Villains. Just like the Black Cat this issue is bad news.



Justice Society of America Kingdom Come Special : Superman #1

jsasp  A simply stunning book artwork wise. Great origin on how Super-Man KC made it to Earth 1.  5 out of 5 Dark JLAers.


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Action Comics #871 New Krypton Pt. 4 Review

ac871 Written by Geoff Johns ; Art by Pete Woods; Cover by Alex Ross

The New Krypton saga continues with some very interesting developments. Lex Luthor is recruited to General Lane’s program to try to decipher Brainiac’s files. The General is also behind the source of most of the action of this issue in the form of a newly unleashed Doomsday. Superman and Supergirl take the fight to Doomsday and they are then joined by about a dozen Kryptonians  as they fight Doomsday to the moon. Once there they kill the monster. Meanwhile two disenfranchised Kryptonians decide that General Zod was right and they attempt to release him from the Phantom Zone only to be quickly defeated by the new Nightwing and Flamebird. Johns is quite possibly the best superhero writer in the business right now and this book is fun and action packed. Woods artwork is very detailed, especially his backgrounds. Overall this book gets 4 out of 5 Justice Leaguers.