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Detective Comics #853 Neil Gaiman’s Batman Pt 2 Review Spoilers

dt853 Written by Neil Gaiman; Art by Andy Kubert and Scott Williams


Part two of the story “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader” picks up where it left off in part one. Bruce Wayne is still viewing his funeral and a mysterious stranger is helping him analyze everything that is going on around him. We see more heroes and villains speak about how Batman died, each with a different story of the event. Bruce then starts to realize

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Calliope’s Daily Deal Sandman #8 1st Appearance of Death

snd8  Today’s Daily Deal focuses on a character who will probably play a very significant role tomorrow in the conclusion of Neil Gaiman’s issue of Detective Comics. This is a possible spoiler as it appears that Batman is talking to Death in the issue. This book is the first appearance of Death and it shows her hanging around with her brother Morpheus as she goes through a typical day for her. Usually this book in the Very Fine condition we are offering copies at sells for $20.00, but you can own a copy today for only $9.99 (Price includes shipping within the United States). A limited number of copies are available at this price so act quickly.