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Calliope’s Quick Fire Reviews DC Late Edition

Just a few quick reviews of last week’s books before moving on to this week’s big books.

Faces of Evil Solomon Grundy #1

grundy1  We find out the origin of Solomon Grundy and see him reincarnated as a human. He is also told by the Phantom Stranger that he can break his curse and the Green Lantern Alan Scott will help. This book is also a prelude to Blackest Night. Good art, interesting story. 3 out of 5 JSA-ers.Put It on the Stack


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Sgt. Rock The Lost Battalion #1 Review

srock Written by Billy Tucci; Art by Billy Tucci; Cover by Billy Tucci and Mark Sparacio

I generally do not like war comic books. Most of them all seem the same, especially when I was younger and every single one of them was set in WW2. This book however, is a phenomenal exception to the rule. While it is set during WW2 it also has the distinction of being set during real events. Billy Tucci has done an amazing amount of research to keep this a fairly accurate tale based on actual events and incorporating DC’s war heroes into the mix. I have had the pleasure of seeing most of the original pencils for this issues and they are amazing.A look at the last panel of the book gives you some idea of what they look like. I hope that in the trade there is ample room to show more of them. Unfortunately, I feel some of the beauty of the work is lost in the light palette that was chosen to color the book. The narration style is perfect for this book and I can not wait to see future issues. I believe this will stand out as one of the best war stories ever told once it is completed. Overall it gets a 5 out of 5 Batmen.