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Action Comics #871 New Krypton Pt. 4 Review

ac871 Written by Geoff Johns ; Art by Pete Woods; Cover by Alex Ross

The New Krypton saga continues with some very interesting developments. Lex Luthor is recruited to General Lane’s program to try to decipher Brainiac’s files. The General is also behind the source of most of the action of this issue in the form of a newly unleashed Doomsday. Superman and Supergirl take the fight to Doomsday and they are then joined by about a dozen Kryptonians  as they fight Doomsday to the moon. Once there they kill the monster. Meanwhile two disenfranchised Kryptonians decide that General Zod was right and they attempt to release him from the Phantom Zone only to be quickly defeated by the new Nightwing and Flamebird. Johns is quite possibly the best superhero writer in the business right now and this book is fun and action packed. Woods artwork is very detailed, especially his backgrounds. Overall this book gets 4 out of 5 Justice Leaguers.


Detective Comics #850 Batman RIP Review

dt850 Written by Paul Dini; Art by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs; Cover by Dustin Nguyen

This is the final part of the "Heart of Hush" storyline which is a tangent to the current ongoing Batman RIP storyline. So far Hush has struck at Robin, Nightwing, and has literally stolen Catwoman’s heart with the help of Mr. Freeze. The story opens with what appears to be Bruce Wayne asking Alfred for help into the cave. Alfred turns on the man and it is revealed Hush has had plastic surgery to look like Batman. Batman arrives and of course there is a fight through the cave incorporating several elements of the trophies. Nightwing and Robin arrive to lend a hand, and Hush attempts to escape only to blow up in the mini Bat helicopter. Catwoman’s heart is restored by Dr. Mid-Nite and she decides to take her own form of revenge against Hush, which is removing the only thing he loves in life: money, with a little help from her friends. Overall nice pacing to the story and we get a little more insight into what brought about Hush’s obsession with destroying Bruce Wayne. The artwork has a slightly muddy feel in some parts and it is clear which parts of the book are drawn by Nguyen and which are drawn by Fridoldfs. Not a bad wrap up to an interesting story. Overall it earns 3 out of 5 Batmen.


Calliope’s Quick Fire Reviews Part 2

Amazing Spider-Man #576

amsp576a   Kind of sappy ending to the Hammerhead story. And it appears Spidey has a new woman in his life. 2 out of 5 Spider-Villains.


Civil War House of M #3

cwhom3  Relatively interesting story of Magneto’s rise to power, but at the end of the day this story already has its ending. 3 out of 5 New Avengers.    



Final Crisis: Resist #1

fcr  Great Issue. Mr. Terrific organizes a resistance and plays the OMAC trump card to take on Darkseid. 4 out of 5 JSAers.


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Calliope’s Quick Fire Reviews Part 1

A lot of books this week, so the quick fire is split in two.

Adventure Comics The Guardian #1

adcom1  Not too much happens here except returning the Guardian to Metropolis. Would have been better as a backup feature.  2 out of 5 JlAers. 2starjla


Cable #8

cab8  Bishop captured and tortured by the X-Men, Cable fights future bugs. 3 out of 5 X-Villains. 3starxvil


Marvel Zombies 3 #2

mz2    I had started to get tired of the whole zombie thing, but this series has been interesting. 3 out of 5 Marvel Zombies.      3starmarv


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Ultimatum #1 (of 5) Review


COVER BY: David Finch
WRITER: Jeph Loeb
PENCILS: David Finch

This book was surprisingly good. I had low expectations based on the Ultimate Origin mini that was only so so . This book however is grand in scale. We start with a quick go around the entire Ultimate Universe. Catching up with the X-Men, Ultimates, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. Then things go bad very quickly. The ocean floods into New York and the death toll reaches into the millions as we find out that this is happening worldwide, even in Lateveria as we see an enraged Doctor Doom without any of his subjects. Professor X contacts the survivors and tells them who is behind this. From the cover above (which is also the last panel of the book) it is not hard to guess. Loeb writes a very tight, connected tale that is on a grand scale. Finch’s pencils are very good and only in one panel was it hard to figure out who a character was.(I thought the Human Torch in non-flame form was Mr. Fantastic) Overall this is an interesting start to the destruction of the Ultimate Universe and receives 4 out of 5 Fantastic Fourers.


Sgt. Rock The Lost Battalion #1 Review

srock Written by Billy Tucci; Art by Billy Tucci; Cover by Billy Tucci and Mark Sparacio

I generally do not like war comic books. Most of them all seem the same, especially when I was younger and every single one of them was set in WW2. This book however, is a phenomenal exception to the rule. While it is set during WW2 it also has the distinction of being set during real events. Billy Tucci has done an amazing amount of research to keep this a fairly accurate tale based on actual events and incorporating DC’s war heroes into the mix. I have had the pleasure of seeing most of the original pencils for this issues and they are amazing.A look at the last panel of the book gives you some idea of what they look like. I hope that in the trade there is ample room to show more of them. Unfortunately, I feel some of the beauty of the work is lost in the light palette that was chosen to color the book. The narration style is perfect for this book and I can not wait to see future issues. I believe this will stand out as one of the best war stories ever told once it is completed. Overall it gets a 5 out of 5 Batmen.


Calliope’s Quick Fire Reviews

Its that time again, a sentence or two review and a rating.

Amazing Spider-Man #575

amsp575    I have hated most of the post OMD stories, but this one was fun. Great new take on an old villain.

3 out of 5 Spider-Villains.



Avengers The Initiative #18

av18 A lot of Skrull reveals and a well told Secret Invasion Tie In. 4 out of 5  New Avengers.


Final Crisis Rage of the Red Lanterns #1

fcr Awesome story introducing not one but two new colors of Lanterns. Great artwork as well. 5 out of 5 Green Lanterns.


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