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Thunderbolts #126 Secret Invasion Review Spoilers



Andy Diggle   ART BY  Roberto De La Torre    COLORS BY  Frank Martin 

COVER BY Francesco Mattina

This issue really spoils the ending of Secret Invasion by revealing that Norman Osbourne saves the Earth from the Skrull Invasion and is now adored by the public. The issue sets about the deconstruction of the team by taking out several members in various ways. Penance is drugged and will be sent off to a mental institution. The Radioactive Man is sent back to China and Songbird appears to be one second away from death at the hands of Bullseye. Norman Osbourne appears before a Congressional committee and blames them for the Skrull invasion. He also resigns as head of the Thunderbolts and says that he is disbanding the team. He also states that he has a meeting with the President to discuss a new role for himself. This will probably be as the head of SHIELD or another organization which will tie into the Dark Reign storyline as he will effectively be in charge of all heroes.  The story pacing and artwork are phenomenal. Marvel should have held this issue until after SI #8 since it spoils the ending but it is a great issue. It gets 5 out of 5 Spider-Villains. 3starsin 5starsin

Batman & The Outsiders #13 Batman RIP Review

bat013 Written by Frank Tieri; Art by Ryan Benjamin and Saleem Crawford; Cover by J. Calafiore and Jack Purcell

When this issue first started out I was having a hard time figuring out exactly how this was going to tie into the Batman RIP storyline. Killer Croc is involved in a fight at Penguin’s Iceberg Club. Then Man-Bat arrives and takes on some Intergang thugs at the same club.  Batgirl arrives and tells him that she needs his help. We then cut to a scene of Vigilante invading Intergang’s club and killing a bunch of their members. Spoiler is there also and fights him until Batgirl arrives and tells them she needs their help. This is where the story actually becomes interesting and some Batman RIP storyline points are hinted at. Batgirl goes into the Batcave and starts viewing files to put together a team of characters including the Riddler, Spoiler, Wildcat and others that each possess an aspect of Batman in hopes of replacing him with a group, since no one character can replace him. Alfred arrives and notices that Nightwing is not on the list and suggests that she talk to him. Batgirl avoids that and leaves and we see Nightwing in the cave stating that they will have a talk. The real interesting part of the book is the DC Nation page that has a bunch of spoilers for the Batman line.

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