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Future’s End #4 Color Sample DC Comics

Here is some of my flat color work on today’s issue of Future’s End Issue 4 featuring Grifter.

Future's End Issue 4
Future’s End Issue 4

Tribute: Bruce Lee Comic Book Now Available

Tribute: Bruce Lee written by me is now available for pre-order and ships this Wednesday November 6th.


Actor, Teacher, Philosopher, Icon. These are just a few of the words that describe the most influential martial artist of all time: Bruce Lee. Immortal Dragon: Bruce Lee follows Bruce’s life from his infancy starting out as a child actor to his tragic death and posthumous superstardom

Insane Jane – Avenging Star #1 Advance Review


Insane Jane -Avenging Star #1
Writer: Darren G. Davis & Zach Hunchar
Pencils: GMB Chomichuk

Release Date August 2010

First late me state that this book is insane in a very good way. Second for those who were fans of the original mini series this is going to be a major departure for you, especially artwork wise.

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Nanny and Hank #1 Advance Review


Writer: Mark L. Miller
Art: Steve Babb

Release Date August 2010

I jumped right into this book without the slightest idea of what it was about. I can say that not only was it enjoyable, but I was genuinely surprised with how the two stories merged from their initial start.

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