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The Ghoul #1 By Steve Niles Advance Review


Just a quick reminder before the review, you still have until 11:59 CST today, to win an advance copy of this book here.

Now on  to the review:

Written by Steve Niles, Art by Bernie Wrightson

A quick synopsis of the book before breaking it down:

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$200,000 For A Lightsaber, Guess The Economy is Better.


Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber sold at auction yesterday for $200,000. Add in the buyer’s premium of 20 % and it comes out to $240,000. It was one of a number of movie and television items that were auctioned off by the Profiles in History Auction House. I have some other notable sales below as well as a part 2 to of more items coming out in a little bit.

Wolverine’s Black Leather Outfit from X-Men

wolv  This only went for $75,000.

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"Your Vagina is Haunted!"

Tarot Witch of The Black Rose # 53

tarot  I have been debating whether or not to review this book, but that one phrase inside of the book made it a must review, sheerly for the title. A gaggle of dead nurses, are taking back body parts that were donated or not real from the living. There are the obligatory T & A shots as well. Not much substance to the book, but then again I think the audience for it is defined to a certain genre. I generally like most horror books, especially those that deal with magick and witchcraft themes, but this book is nothing more than a collection of pin-ups. I will refrain from a rating on the book since it really has nothing of comparable quality of genre to relate it to. However, it is definitely designed for readers 18 and up.