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Justice League America #26 Review

Written by Dwayne McDuffie; Art and Cover by Ed Benes


This issue is the conclusion to the Second Coming storyline featuring the JLA versus Anansi the trickster god. Anansi is also the god of stories so leading  up to this point he has taken all of the origins of the JLA and spun different versions of them. The only member of the team left who has to try to restore things is Vixen. The beginning of the story shows Vixen gaining her animal totem powers back which she has been without since the series started. Vixen hunts down Bruce Wayne who fights crime as the Paladin an assassin who kills off criminals. She also runs into a very different Green Lantern. They take her to the Fortress of Solitude where Wonder Woman is mourning the death of her husband Superman. After a magic lasso lie detector test , Wonder Woman agrees to get this dimensions version of the JLA back together to fight Anansi. In the end it turns out that all of this has taken place inside of Vixen’s totem and was a test by Anansi to see if she was worthy of helping him in a coming crisis. Overall a nice conclusion to the story that leaves some possible threads for a follow up. There is some great artwork by Benes in this issue and the alternate JLA has some great looks to it. Overall this issue gets 4 out of 5 Silver Age JLAers.