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Calliope’s Quick Fire Reviews Marvel Extended Edition

A little more in depth reviews of this past week’s books from Marvel, rather than the usual 2-3 line quick fire format:

Featured Book :

New Avengers #48

nav48  The beginning of Dark Reign brings about another status quo change for the New Avengers as the team adds the new Captain America to their ranks, and Iron Fist takes a leave of absence. Bendis wrote a very intriguing tale this time around. Normally not much happens in this book as we are usually stuck with a bunch of talking heads, or flashbacks or side stories. This was a very enjoyable read with some nice artwork as well. Their is one other major story point and the is that Luke Cage is now ready to work for Norman Osborn in order to find his missing child. This could be a very intriguing storyline if played correctly. Overall this book earns 4 out of 5 New Avengers.


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Secret Invasion Dark Reign #1 Review-Spoilers


Story by
Brian Michael Bendis
Art by
Alex Maleev
Colors by
Dean White
Letters by
Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by
Alex Maleev


This issue starts us off with Emma Frost receiving a letter inviting her to Avengers Mansion for a meeting with Norman Osborn. Dr. Doom is already there once she arrives and then we have the obligatory solo entrance where  everyone has their own introduction. For a moment I thought I was watching the WWE. Osborn then comes in and monologues his way through

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Calliope’s Quick Fire Reviews Marvel Edition

In keeping with the new format I have split the Quick Fires into Marvel, DC, and Indie books.

Amazing Spider-Man #579

amsp579  Mark Waid finishes up the two part Shocker tale with a team-up, a betrayal, and the almost reunion of J. Jonah Jameson and his father. Much better artwork in this issue. 4 out of 5 Spider-Villains.

3starsin 4starsin


Cable #9

cab9  Cable Versus the Cockroach Humans and Bishop takes out the X-Men. Nice pacing, very smooth artwork. 3 out of 5 X-Villains.


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Secret Invasion #8 Review- Spoilers



The final chapter in Secret Invasion picks up where issue 7 left off. The Wasp is about to explode and she sacrifices herself to save everyone else. This aggravates the heroes and villains and they mount a final offensive against the Skrulls. Wolverine is about to go in for the kill on the Skrull Queen, when Norman Osborn fires a shot that takes her head off.  Luckily for him there were news cameras everywhere that captured this.

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Calliope’s Quick Fire Reviews Round 2

Looks like there will be a round 3 as well, maybe even a round 4.

Fantastic Four # 561

ff  The Galactus Engine saves the future and Dr. Doom Kills the Invisible Woman, just not the one you think. 4 out of 5 FF-ers.


Iron Man Director of Shield #35 Secret Invasion

im35  War Machine and The Crimson Dynamo demolish a bunch of Skrull ships. Lots of explosions. 2 out of 5 New Avengers.


Robin # 180  Battle for The Cowl

robin  Red Robin is unmasked and Anarky reigns by the end of the issue. Solid Writing and Art. 4 out of 5 Batmen.


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Thunderbolts #126 Secret Invasion Review Spoilers



Andy Diggle   ART BY  Roberto De La Torre    COLORS BY  Frank Martin 

COVER BY Francesco Mattina

This issue really spoils the ending of Secret Invasion by revealing that Norman Osbourne saves the Earth from the Skrull Invasion and is now adored by the public. The issue sets about the deconstruction of the team by taking out several members in various ways. Penance is drugged and will be sent off to a mental institution. The Radioactive Man is sent back to China and Songbird appears to be one second away from death at the hands of Bullseye. Norman Osbourne appears before a Congressional committee and blames them for the Skrull invasion. He also resigns as head of the Thunderbolts and says that he is disbanding the team. He also states that he has a meeting with the President to discuss a new role for himself. This will probably be as the head of SHIELD or another organization which will tie into the Dark Reign storyline as he will effectively be in charge of all heroes.  The story pacing and artwork are phenomenal. Marvel should have held this issue until after SI #8 since it spoils the ending but it is a great issue. It gets 5 out of 5 Spider-Villains. 3starsin 5starsin