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Today Show Split Second Erica Hill NBC Color Sample Comics

Here is some of my flat color work that appeared on the Today show a few days ago in a segment called Split Second. Art by Amy Reeder.



Now Available: Limited Edition Prints Bruce Lee Monty Python Sam Kinison

Hey all,

I have just a few remaining Limited Edition prints from my Bruce Lee, Monty Python, and Sam Kinison Books. Prints measure 11 by 17. Signed and numbered, limited to only 25 copies each. Very few remain. $12 each includes shipping within the continental United States. Hawaii, Alaska and other countries, please contact me for pricing quote at




Insane Jane – Avenging Star #1 Advance Review


Insane Jane -Avenging Star #1
Writer: Darren G. Davis & Zach Hunchar
Pencils: GMB Chomichuk

Release Date August 2010

First late me state that this book is insane in a very good way. Second for those who were fans of the original mini series this is going to be a major departure for you, especially artwork wise.

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Nanny and Hank #1 Advance Review


Writer: Mark L. Miller
Art: Steve Babb

Release Date August 2010

I jumped right into this book without the slightest idea of what it was about. I can say that not only was it enjoyable, but I was genuinely surprised with how the two stories merged from their initial start.

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