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Wizkids Watchmen Heroclix Revealed


WizKids/NECA, the leader in collectible miniature gaming today announced the Watchmen HeroClix Collector’s Boxed Set and Dr. Manhattan Colossal Figure for the HeroClix game, through a license agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Comics.  Watchmen HeroClix brings the characters of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Watchmen film to gamers’ tabletops summer 2010.

The Watchmen Collector’s Boxed Set includes 25 highly detailed, 3D miniatures including Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre.  The Collector’s Boxed Set, which includes a complete set of Watchmen HeroClix figures, comes in deluxe, display-quality packaging.  The Watchmen HeroClix Dr. Manhattan Colossal Figure (sold separately) is built to movie-accurate scale and stands over 14 inches tall. Watchmen HeroClix premieres this summer at San Diego Comic-Con, and will be available at comic and game shops nationwide and on



Wizkids DC Blackest Night Heroclix Set Revealed


WizKids will release the DC HeroClix Blackest Night Starter Game, based on the red hot DC Comics storyline, on May 12th. The boxed game will include everything a player needs to play HeroClix.

The Starter Game set will feature seven HeroClix miniatures, each with a character card (and will feature their deputy Lantern costumes):

– Green Lantern–Hal Jordan

– Lex Luthor

– Mera

– Scarecrow

– Wonder Woman

– The Flash

– The Atom

Also included in the Blackest Night Starter Game: All-new Green Lantern Sciencells Map, 2010 HeroClix Complete Rulebook, six Object Tokens, 12 Terrain Markers, and two six-sided dice.

Exclusive Look DC Heroclix Brave & The Bold New Figures and Details


Wizkids has released some more information, including a release date for the new DC expansion set The Brave and the Bold. Read the details below and be sure to scroll for an exclusive look at the new Brainiac and Flash/Green Lantern figures.

WizKids has announced the April 14 release of DC HeroClix: The Brave and The Bold expansion.  This set includes 55 pre-painted miniatures, including numerous famous Duo team-ups–both heroes and villains from the pages of DC Comic.  The Brave and The Bold is sold in 5-figure boosters which retail at $11.99.
In addition to DC fan-favorites, like Brainiac and duo figures like ‘The Atom and Hawkman’, ‘Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’ and ‘The Flash and Green Lantern’, The Brave and The Bold includes all-new Alter Ego figures. Alter Egos allow players to start the game with a hero in his or her secret identity–like Clark Kent, then at a critical moment change the figure into the hero in costume–Superman.



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DC Heroclix The Brave & The Bold Figures Revealed Preview


from ICV2

NECA, which acquired WizKids in September, is planning to ship its first DC HeroClix product, The Brave and the Bold, in February of 2010. The expansion will add 55 superhero and supervillain characters to the game including 25 characters who have never appeared in the DC HeroClix CMG releases before.

Clark Kent

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