Insane Jane – Avenging Star #1 Advance Review


Insane Jane -Avenging Star #1
Writer: Darren G. Davis & Zach Hunchar
Pencils: GMB Chomichuk

Release Date August 2010

First late me state that this book is insane in a very good way. Second for those who were fans of the original mini series this is going to be a major departure for you, especially artwork wise.

The new artwork departs greatly from the cartoony feel of the first mini series and is now more of a Alex Maleev meets Darwyn Cooke Pop Culture fusion. I really enjoyed not only the new tone  storywise where Jane is in an insane asylum trying not to go “crazy”, but the shift in art really brings the dark undertones of the writing out. Jane decides near the end of the first issue with help from Grant, a new inmate that she is indeed the Avenging Star and that her superheroics were not a delusion. This results in her and Grant escaping after taking out several of the staff of the asylum. The only complaint with the issue is the long soliloquy, by Jane that leads her to determine that she is a superhero. Other than that the artwork and writing are stellar. The book earns 4 out of 5 stars and you should definitely


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