DC Comics 12-09 Reviews Spoilers Blackest Night

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  • Major Developments: General Lane arrests Lois and tells her not to run the Reacton story, Lois Lane quits the Daily Planet. Dr. Pillings is revealed as Kryptonian to Flamebird
  • Last Page: Dr. Pillings cures Nightwing, but also gains his DNA data.
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  • Major Developments: Superboy Prime trashes the DC Offices, destroys the Black Lanterns after absorbing a black ring and going through the color spectrum of emotions.
  • Last Page: Superboy Prime is promised to be left alone with his love, who is back with a Black Lantern ring on her finger.

  • BATGIRL #5
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  • Major Developments: Batgirl and Oracle get kicked out of the Batcave by Batman.
  • Last Page: Stephanie gets shot in the head at point blank range.
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  • Major Developments: Booster and Blue Beetle battle the Black Lantern Blue Beetle and defeat him with his own light device he created. They then bury the body at the vanishing point.
  • Last Page: Booster’s sister Michelle gets stuck in the past in Coast City right before it is about to be destroyed.
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  • Major Developments: The team continues to battle the Black Lantern former members.
  • Last Page: The Black Lanterns are transported away with a modified Boom Tube.
  • R.E.B.E.L.S. #11
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  • Major Developments: Vril Dox gives up his Sinestro ring. Starro battles some Black Lanterns.
  • Last Page: We get a preview of the next year’s worth of stories, featuring Starro victorious, A Braniac Family Reuniion, and Adam Strange being turned over to the Thangarians.
  • RED ROBIN #7
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  • Major Developments: The Spider Clan fights the League of Assassins. Ras Al Ghul arrives to help.
  • Last Page: Red Robin and Tam Fox are cornered after Ras Al Ghul is poisoned.
  • SECRET SIX #16
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  • Major Developments: Catman and Deadshot bust a killer out of prison to turn him over to the dead girl’s father. Black Alice comes to hang out with them for the day.
  • Last Page: Black Alice joins the team.
  • TITANS #20


Major Developments: Donna Troy battles the Fearsome Five.

Last Page: After defeating the Five, Donna returns home and gets a call from Tom whom she met at the party.