Groom Lake #1 Advance Review

gl1 Written By: Chris Ryall, Art By: Ben Templesmith

Scheduled Release Date March 18th.

Since this is a pretty far in advance review of the book, the major spoilers will be kept to a minimum. We are given a quick rundown of events discussing the governments alien programs and then we are shifted to two years in the past in New Hampshire. We meet Barnabus Bauer and his dog Scruffs as they are traveling at night on a desolate road.

Some bright lights draw him out of his car and his is met by some very Whitley Streiber looking aliens, who keep reassuring him that nothing bad will happen to him. Things do go bad and we then see him awaken to being in a hospital room with Agent Page, who says she needs to ask him some questions. After some back and forth banter Barnabus screams out what happened to me and Agent Page asks him if he has any family. We then move to present day with Agent Page and some other officers approaching the Bauer family farm. We then meet Earl Bauer and Agent Page informs him that his father is still alive and was taken by aliens, but that he does not have much time to live. He agrees to accompany them to Groom Lake to see his father. When he arrives his father for lack of ruining some of the surprise is not exactly how he remembers him. He gets to say goodbye and then things get a lot of messy. The rest of the book has some moments of introducing some supporting characters and so as not to spoil too much I will just say if you enjoy giant robots and smoking aliens you will be very happy you read this issue. Templesmith’s artwork is much cleaner and more greytone than some of his more recent work (Welcome to Hoxford) and it is a great compliment for the story and subject matter. Ryall’s writing is at times funny and the characters all have very unique voices which makes the story work very well.It is a fun book and it will be interesting to see where the rest of the mini series goes. Overall this book gets 4 out of 5 stars and earns a Put It On The Stack in advance of its release date March 18th.