Final Crisis Legion of 3 Worlds #3 Review SPOILERS

Written by Geoff Johns; Art by George Pérez and Scott Koblish; Covers by George Pérez                                                                                                                          fc3         Normally I save the critique portion for the end of the review , but this book is too good to hold back the praise. For everyone that was complaining that Final Crisis the main series made no sense, direct your eyes this way.

This issue is phenomenal. George Perez’s artwork is amazing as always and we get some really nice two page panels featuring dozens of characters. Johns pacing and dialogue are pitch perfect for the third act. Now on to the breakdown of the issue and a huge spoiler at the end. We start out with Mon-El trying to convice Sodam to become a Green Lantern and restore the Corps after Super-Boy Prime killed the last Green Lantern last issue. Mon-El finally does just that by relating his story of being trapped in the Phantom Zone for 1000 years. We then go to a huge two page throwdown between the Legion and Super-Boy’s Squad. Superman tries to take out Superboy by asking him to remember how he grew up and his family. He responds by blowing a hole through Superman’s hand. We then see Superboy’s squad taking out the Legion and the United Planets goverment office. Superboy then taunts Superman that he can’t do anything to him and his squad. Superman responds by unleashing all 3 Legions against Superboy. We then see several team ups of the different Legion versions defeating Superboy’s squad. The story then moves to the 20th Century as Wildfire, Dawnstar and Polar Boy are in Kansas with a secret mission that we find out has something to do with Lex Luthor. XS is then pulled aside and told that about her secret history of being from the Earth that they are currently on. She is told that she is needed for a special mission as well. Superboy is being ganged up by several Legion members when he gets a telepathic message that the Legion is trying to bring someone back. He screams out that he will not let that happen and kills a version of Sun Boy. Superboy then tries to make a break for Legion HQ only to be stopped by Green Lantern Sodam. Legion HQ is then shown with a strange lightning striking it. We cut to the inside of the HQ and see XS running on a cosmic treadmill while several different Legion members reduce her weight as she approaches light speed to contact the speed force. Superboy is still trying to break in to Legion HQ , as XS says she hears the speed force talking to her. It says it is not the speed force. Quick cut to Superboy breaking through the force shields and entering HQ and repeatedly saying don’t be afraid to himself, he screams,  as we see Impulse/Kid Flash emerge from the lightning. As stated above a great issue. 5 out of 5 Dark Flashes.  Put It On The Stack.