Bring Me The Head of C-3PO ($100,000)

Continuing the Auction Results for the Profiles in History Auction.

Return of the Jedi C-3PO Helmut

c3  The helmut sold for $100,000. Imagine how much the rest of the body could get.


Heath Ledger Joker Playing Card

joker  These were reportedly left all over the streets of Chicago after filming was done. It sold for $3500 and I know realize that I should have been hanging out downtown during the filming.

Christian Bale’s Batman Cowl

batcowl  $17,000 and you to could have owned a piece of the Dark Knight.

Black Spider-Man Mask From Spider-Man 3

spider  Worn during the Bell Tower Scene, sold for $4,000.


Jim Carrey’s Riddler Complete Costume

riddle  Need a reminder of an awful Batman movie, someone did for $32,500

Penguin Henchman With Rocket From Batman Returns

peng  Perfect gift for the holiday season. Sold for $4750.

There were many more things that sold but these were some of the coolest.