$200,000 For A Lightsaber, Guess The Economy is Better.


Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber sold at auction yesterday for $200,000. Add in the buyer’s premium of 20 % and it comes out to $240,000. It was one of a number of movie and television items that were auctioned off by the Profiles in History Auction House. I have some other notable sales below as well as a part 2 to of more items coming out in a little bit.

Wolverine’s Black Leather Outfit from X-Men

wolv  This only went for $75,000.

Jack in the Santa Sled Original Nightmare Before Christmas Model

santajack  If I had $55,000 extra this would be in the house right now.


Stargate SG-1 Jaffa Full Battle Armor

jaffa  A Bargain at $20,000, the only problem being you need at least 10 outfits to start your own army.

Stargate SG-1 Jaffa Battle Staff

jaffa2  What good is the suit if you do not have the staff to go with it, only $ 15,000.


Mars Attacks Stop Motion Alien Model

matt  They only want to vaporize you, buy one today for only $11,000

Mars Attacks Martian Ray Gun

raygun  Might as well get the gun if you bought the alien, sold for $3,000.

Johnny Depp from Corpse Bride Puppet

depp  More Tim Burton goodness sold for $19,000.

Emily Watson From Corpse Bride Puppet

bride  and for only $16,000 you can get the happy bride as well.


Sally’s Face From Nightmare Before Christmas

sally  only 1 of the faces sold for $4,000.


More auction results in part 2 of the post to follow.